Scale bars

Highly accurate photogrammetric data capture requires highly accurate scale bars.

Palaeo3D has created affordable scale bars optimized for easy data capture and a speedy workflow during model building. Additionally, the scales use coded targets that Agisoft Photoscan Pro / Metashape Pro and various license versions of Reality Capture can recognize automatically.

The scales are lightweight, made from durable 5mm thick foam board.

Individual Scales - two-point scales

  • 0.5 m (50 cm) scale, with embedded 0.4 m (40 cm) scale
     10.00 € per scale 

  • 0.25 m (25 cm) scale, with attachment end
     8.00 € per scale

  • 0.10 m (10 cm) scale, with attachment end
     6.00 € per scale

Individual Scales - three-point scales

  • 0.25 m x 0.25 m (25 cm) scale
     15.00 € per scale 

  • 0.1 m x 0.1 m (10 cm) scale
     12.00 € per scale

In addition, we offer sets of scales at a discount

Large Set Medium Set Small Set

Large Set

199 € plus shipping (30% off!)

The large set contains enough scale bars to work with several people simultaneously, for example on an extended dig site.

  4x 0.50 m scale
  8x 0.25 m scale
  12x 0.10 m scale
  4x L-shaped 0.25 m scale
  4x L-shaped 0.10 m scale

Medium Set

114 € plus shipping (20% off!)

This set contains several of each size of scales, except those for macro photogrammetry. It is suitable for practically any project.

2x 0.50 m scale
4x 0.25 m scale
6x 0.10 m scale
2x L-shaped 0.25 m scale
2x L-shaped 0.10 m scale

Small Set

64  € plus shipping (10%off!)

This set is intended for travel use - the bare minimum. One each of the big 50 cm scales and the L-shaped scales, and a small number of short and medium length scales.

1x 0.50 m scale
2x 0.25 m scale
3x 0.10 m scale
1x L-shaped 0.25 m scale
1x L-shaped 0.10 m scale